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Come, Dine In!

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I welcome you to my home in Bandra West to give you a taste of traditional Kolhapuri flavours

host address

Saint Paul Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai

max table size

Max. 10 diners

non-veg price


meal cuisine



Located in the south-western part of Maharashtra, Kolhapur bears tremendous historical significance and has ancient temples, beautiful palaces and gardens. And yes, how can one forget the famous Kolhapuri Chappal and Tambda-Pandra Rassa?

From soupy spicy broth (Rassa) of Misal Pav to the strong flavours of Tambda and Pandhra Rassa, Kolhapuri food is a perfect blend of mouth-watering aromas. The cuisine is often misrepresented as very spicy food worldwide but the truth is that the food is less spicy and has a unique taste due to the use of typical Kolhapuri homemade masalas. To attain the authentic flavours, I source all the masalas from my native place. While the Tambda Rassa might make you break a sweat, Mutton Masala Chops is the dish that balances out the spice level.

Come join me at my home in Bandra West, Mumbai to enjoy authentic and homemade Kolhapuri food.

Welcome Drink

Fresh lime water

The Kolhapuri Thali

Kaleji Fry
Masala Chops
Tambada Rassa
Pivala Rassa
Dahi Kanda
Steamed Rice


Gajaracha Halwa




Parking in nearby area

Parking in nearby area





Other Points To Note

No Alcohol

No Alcohol

No Smoking

No Smoking

Incase the meal date does not work for you, you can request for it.

Request Date
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