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A Goan Hindu cooking class and a traditional meal at the home of a local in North Goa. Get a glimpse into the unexplored part of this Goan cuisine.

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Peddem, Mapusa, Goa

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Max. 4 diners

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Mapusa, where home chef Anjali resides, is a known city in Northern Goa. She stays in a complex and will be hosting you in her apartment. The cooking classes will be held in her spacious and modern kitchen. She has a big living room with a dining table where the food will be served. Her complex is quiet, relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This Goan meal will be hard to come by in any restaurants. A typical Goan Hindu cuisine, this one is filled with dishes like daangar (seafood cutlets) udda-methi, suké, mangané. Let's just say that this meal is an explorers delight. Religion and cultural elements play a very important part in influencing this cuisine. It is a complete well-balanced meal. To be enjoyed leisurely, appreciating the unique textures and flavors. Our award-winning home-chef Anjali loves to speak about the cuisine and each of these dishes come with a story!

Once you are home, she will serve you a glass of cool welcome drink and then lead you to the kitchen, where you can jump straight into the activity. Indian kitchens are a treasure trove of flavors and in this session, she will show you some of the known and unknown spices. After which it will be time to roll up your sleeves and assist her in cooking some traditional Goan Hindu dishes. Depending on your food preferences, cook 2-3 local dishes and then move to the dining table to relish these along with other dishes that Anjali has cooked for you. Feel free to ask her any questions that you may have about Indian cuisine. It will be her endeavor to share as much knowledge about the lesser known aspects of Goan Hindu cuisine as possible.

The entire experience will last for about 2-3 hours.

Please Note - This is not a professional cooking class but rather an opportunity to cook and dine with a local home-chef. The experience will be as much about the stories around the food and local culture, as it would be about the meal itself.

Please Note - The menu may change subject to the availability of fish in the region.

Welcome Drink



Fried Fish or Vegetable Fritter

First Course

Sauteed Vegetables

Second Course


Served with



Sol Kadhi








Parking inside premises

Parking inside premises

Child friendly

Child friendly

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Other Points To Note

No Alcohol

No Alcohol

Shoes to be removed inside the home

Shoes to be removed inside the home

No Smoking

No Smoking

Incase the meal date does not work for you, you can request for it.

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