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Come, Dine In!

Request Date

I invite you to my home to sit and enjoy a traditional Rajasthani thali with me and my family

host address

Central School Scheme Main Road, Air Force Area, Jodhpur

max table size

Max. 6 diners

veg price


meal cuisine



When you say Rajasthan you think of the land of royal traditions, forts, palaces, colorful textiles, age-old spice markets and rich cuisines. But Jodhpur is the most bounteous in a sense that it's overloaded with architectural and historical heritage and also with the richest royal cuisine with endless varieties. A trip to Jodhpur can never be complete without digging into its local flavors and feasts called 'Jeeman'. And be ready to be awestruck with its amazing hospitality.

I can proudly tell you that my 'Rajbhog thali' packs the best of dishes all of which are of signature quality and prepared with an innovative blend of ingredients that will leave you enthralled and craving for more. Apart from all the famous savoury delicacies like daal batti, gatta, ker sangri, gulab jamun sabzi, mirchi bada, sogra, pickles etc. Jodhpur is also known as a dessert lover's paradise. Come and tickle your sweet tooth with it's sinfully ghee and sugar coated delicacies like churma, lapsi, maalpua, jalebi, ghewar, mawa kachori, daal sheera etc. But that's not all of it, be ready to receive some surprise take away goodies and if you are up for it, I'll show you a live cooking demo of a local dish. Apart from receiving a royal feast, other things that will attract you to dine in at my place is its proximity to the airport (4-5 mins drive), Umaid Bhawan palace and all of the best hotels of the city within the radius of 2-5 kms.

The entire experience will last 2-4 hours.

Please note - This is not a professional cooking class but rather an opportunity to cook and dine with a local home-chef. The experience will be as much about the stories around the food and local culture, as it would be about the meal itself.

Welcome Drink

Nimbu pani/Jaljeera /Raab/Soup/Tea/Coffee


Daal bada


Daal batti and churma
Gatte ki sabji
Kadhi pakora
Gulab jamun ki sabji
Gatta tehri
Tawa roti with ghee
Buttermilk (mildly spiced)
Pickles, chutneys, salads and Papad




Parking in nearby area

Parking in nearby area



Staircase only

Staircase only

Other Points To Note

No Alcohol

No Alcohol

Shoes to be removed inside the home

Shoes to be removed inside the home

No Smoking

No Smoking

Incase the meal date does not work for you, you can request for it.

Request Date
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