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Come, Dine In!

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Learn and relish authentic Awadhi flavours with a local family in Dehradun

host address

Vasant Vihar, Dehradun

max table size

Max. 4 diners

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When you say Dehradun you think of several tourist spots like mountains, temples, monasteries, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries. A trip to Dehradun can never be complete without indulging into lots of food. And be ready to experience the hospitality of Nawabs. The dishes and cooking style of Awadhi cuisine are influenced by the Mughals. The cuisine has several options for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian dishes prepared with exotic spices, herbs and garnished with dry fruits.

Growing up in a Punjabi household, I have spent all my childhood in Lucknow. I have moved to Dehradun years ago, but have carried recipes from my mother and grandmothers. With this cook and dine experience, I would love to give you a taste of Awadhi cuisine.

This experience will begin with a refreshing glass of welcome drink. We can head straight to the kitchen, put our aprons on and get cooking. We shall start with an introduction of ingredients required to make the Veg Gulnar Kebabs. Next, we will be preparing the Dum Arbi (An Awadhi delicacy prepared with slow-cooking technique). After this informative cooking class, we shall head to the dining area to relish traditional Awadhi delicacies.

The entire experience will last 2-3 hours.

Please note - This is not a professional cooking class but rather an opportunity to cook and dine with a local home-chef. The experience will be as much about the stories around the food and local culture, as it would be about the meal itself.

Welcome Drink

Nimbu Paani


Gulnar Kebab (Veg)
Shami kebab (Non-veg)

Common Veg Mains

Sabat Masoor ki dal
Mughlai Bhindi Aloo
Dum Arbi

Additional Non-Veg

Dilkhush kofta
Awadhi chicken


Phulka / Paratha
Boorani Raita
Lacha Onion


Shahi Tukda / Shahi Kheer

To End With

Saunf, Supari, Imli ki Goli






Parking inside premises

Parking inside premises

Other Points To Note

No Alcohol

No Alcohol

Pets at home

Pets at home

No Smoking

No Smoking

Incase the meal date does not work for you, you can request for it.

Request Date
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