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Come, Dine In!

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Savour the local flavours of Assam with home chef Sanjukta and her family in Guwahati

host address

Mother Teresa Road, Guwahati

max table size

Max. 6 diners

veg price


non-veg price


meal cuisine



We have travelled a lot in India since my husband was in the Armed forces. We met a lot of interesting people and made a lot of friends over the years. We love hosting them over at our place for dinners and this has made me realise my passion for cooking. Besides paying attention to good food with good taste, I do lay a lot of importance to the presentation as well. My food is a reflection of the traditional flavours and cooking techniques my family has taught me. I will be happy to show and share few recipes and tips while you come into my kitchen to cook some homemade dishes with me.

We shall start with the frying of the Bhedailota Bor (fritters). You can also assist me in giving a sizzling tempering to an organic dal. I shall show you the local ingredients we use in our everyday cooking, most of which will be used in the meal cooked for you. After this cooking class, we can head over to the dining area to enjoy a local Assamese spread.

Before the meal, if you wish to visit the local haat/market, do let me know in advance. Preferably at the time of booking.

The entire experience will last 2-4 hours.

Please note - This is not a professional cooking class but rather an opportunity to cook and dine with a local home-chef. The experience will be as much about the stories around the food and local culture, as it would be about the meal itself.

Welcome Drink

Thekera Sorbot


Chicken pura (Non-Veg)
Bhedailota Bor (Veg)

Common Veg Mains

Dhekia Xhaak Bhaji
Daal Bor Tenga
Til diya Alu
Aromatic Joha Rice or Bao Rice (red rice)

Additional Non-Veg Mains

Fish in a light sour gravy
Pork curry in bamboo shoot or duck meat with ash gourd


Alu Pitika (veg)
Pura maas pitika (Non-Veg)
Til chutney (veg)


Kola joha payokh






Parking inside premises

Parking inside premises

Other Points To Note

No Alcohol

No Alcohol

Shoes to be removed inside the home

Shoes to be removed inside the home

No Smoking

No Smoking

Incase the meal date does not work for you, you can request for it.

Request Date
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