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Pondicherry or Puducherry is a French haven located on the coast of India and is a great tourist destination. Tamil and French are the major languages spoken in Pondicherry. The architecture is mostly French-influenced and places like the Botanical Garden, Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus and even most of the houses are a reflection of that. The place is synonymous with French culture and many people born during the French rule or are descendants of people during that time, were given a choice between Indian and French citizenship when the French colonies moved out, many opted for the latter choice and still continue to have close ties with France.

When it comes to sightseeing, there are various cathedrals, restaurants, churches and historical monuments that greatly reflect the still prevalent French way of life. Even their attire is Indo-Western where men generally are wearing a shirt and pants while the women tend to wear a sari or a top with a long skirt.

People in Pondicherry love to eat. It is a cosmopolitan town with a secular outlook towards its people and it is home to a few cuisines such as French, Indian, Mexican and Italian. Most popular influence is the Indo-French cuisine which is a combination of Tamil food with flavours inspired by the French colonies that once ruled Pondicherry. French dishes like baguettes, brioches and pastries are greatly enjoyed by everyone. When it comes to the regional cuisine that rules the hearts and stomachs, it is Chettinad cuisine. Freshly ground spices and dried meats are used extensively. Rice is a staple in their diet and there are enough options to choose from the vegetarian and meat dishes. Rabbits, quail and turkey are generally cooked using these ground spices and are absolutely delicious. Since it is situated at the coastline, the cuisine also includes the seafood treasures from the Bay.

An authentic Tamilian meal is not easily available in Pondicherry since it is so highly influenced by other cultures. But at the homes of local Tamilians residing in Pondicherry, it is a wonderful experience since it is pure and true to its roots.

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