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Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra, economic capital of India and one of the best tourist cities in the world for its culture and local street food. Made up of 7 islands, Mumbai is home to the fishing colonies of the Koli community. With sea and seafood in abundance and a peeked level of curiosity in everyone, Mumbai is the hub for all things ‘hatke’- meaning different.

The soul of Maharashtra is truly the ‘city that never sleeps’. It is also probably one city, irrespective of where you are and what time it is, there will always be something to eat and something to do. A person can enjoy a hearty meal of Baida Roti and the iconic Seekh Kebabs at Bademiya in Colaba, go down and sit by the sea at Marine Drive (also known as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’) or even enjoy the view from Gateway of India.

Street food of Mumbai is loved by locals and tourists alike. Restaurants serving Indian cuisines tend to leave out the lesser known dishes for the ones that are more popular. Most of these restaurants are great for the food but when your curiosity is peaked to know more about the culture and the local wat of things, its best to interact with a local! For someone who wants to, for example, know more about Bohri food in Mumbai or what an authentic Bohri thaal contains, it is best to eat it homemade with a local family.

Authenticook makes it possible for diners to experience and enjoy homemade food in Mumbai that comes from different regions such as Malvani food, Parsi food, food hailing from parts of North East such as Manipur, Tibet, Assam, even Rajasthani and Kerala delicacies. Moreover, there is so much to learn from them – about the culture, the food, the stories behind the creation of those dishes, how to correctly eat the thaali and much more such valuable information that makes the entire experience enlightening and fulfilling.

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