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Kochi (initially known as Cochin) is a city in Kerala and a very important hub for spice trading in India. Over the decades, Kochi has witnessed waves of migration which has greatly impacted the overall culture and cuisine. People from various parts of the country settled down in Kochi and brought their cultures with them. The Portuguese, Dutch and British have colonised Cochin at some point in history therefore, having a great impact on the city’s culture as well. Historical monuments such as the Dutch Palace or the antique market of Mattencherry are enough to provide a person with an insight into the history and culture of this serene place.

A coastal city and the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’, Kochi has beaches and seafood plenty. One such place is Fort Kochi which is situated along the coast and encloses a beautiful and scenic beach. It is a water-bound region where the fishermen make use of the Chinese fishing nets (introduced by the Chinese when they visited India for trading opportunities) to catch seafood. The backwaters of Kochi are frequently visited by people to catch a view of the local and migratory birds.

Not much is known about what is the cuisine of Kochi except that coconut is used extensively and rice and tapioca are a staple of every meal in every household. Although majorly Keralite, there are influences of Jewish food, Catholic food, Gujarati food, Bengali food, Andhra food and even Punjabi food. Furthermore, Arab and Yemeni traders who came to India decades and centuries ago with the intention of trading spices, ended up settling down in the neighbourhood. These traders got married to the local women, thus giving rise to some unique regional cuisines, such as the Moplah community whose cuisine beautifully combines the Arabic flavours with the culture of Kerala. Authenticook endeavours to promote those unique flavours of Kochi.

Through Authenticook, you will also get the chance to enjoy some flavourful Catholic Syrian food in Kochi. Catholic Syrian is yet another small community that brings together the culture and cuisine of the catholic community with the Keralite. A person can also enjoy authentic food of Kerala in other cities around the country as well.

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