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About The Host

Usha Nehru belongs to the Kashmiri Pandit community. Due to the nature of her husband's job, she has lived in various states of India and picked up lots of recipes and cuisines along the way. Kashmiri food is the staple food at home and Usha has been cooking these traditional recipes for the last 40 years. These recipes have been picked up from her mother, aunts and relatives. Usha's hobbies include cooking, researching food recipes and reading food blogs and you tube vlogs.

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Chandrakanth Shetty

Chandrakanth Shetty

meal rating meal rating meal rating meal rating meal rating

Another event with Authenticook.com for a fantastic lunch with a Kashmiri Pandit family at Kanjurmarg since we were vegetarians today we had to request our Hostess Ms Usha Nehru to serve us only vegetarian food despite our having booked for non veg too . The starter was mung dal tikki but with a twist i cant describe as it was awsome even the chutney along with fresh lime juice. The main course consisted of Chaman kaliyan (paneer in yellow gravy) the Dum aloo took us 40 yrs back when we used to go for dinner at Mr Kauls residence. So was the Chokh Wangun brinjal curry. Its been so long we had such authentic food accompanied by Mujh Chetin grated raddish in curd. The whole meal ended with a fantastic finale of Kheer and Kehwa Kashmiri green tea with dry fruits. The meal was one thing the real beauty was the genuine hospitality of Ms Usha and her son Ankur Nehru it felt as if we had met long lost friends . Thank you Aneesh and the team of Authentic Cook for making dining a fantastic experience in this city which is slowly becoming mechanical and loosing the Humane touch and since we were not able to have mutton roganjosh and chicken yakhni Ms Usha Nehru was kind enuff to pack it for us to have it tommorrow.

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