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How Do I Know I Will Enjoy My Authenticook Meal?

Aug 08, 2019 | 5 Mins

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Ever heard of the term ‘Too good to be true’!!

Well that’s what most of our guests come out saying once they have completed an Authenticook experience. – Does this statement evoke the same reaction?

Don’t take our word for it. Visit our TripAdvisor page where we rank #1 for all food experiences in Mumbai (it is our home base, but we are already building on other cities!!). Or check out the faith Booking.com has reposed in us for bringing about a positive and sustainable impact on society and travel. But more on that on a later email.

Below are some of the thoughts on what makes Authenticook meals so unique.

1. Cuisines only found in homes: India is known for its CULTURAL DIVERSITY and the best way to experience this diversity is through food. But almost all of our Indian regional cuisines are cooked and available only at homes of people, with restaurants serving commercially prepared standardized food. And it is here that Authenticook plays such an important role of providing easy access to India’s regional cuisines through food experiences hosted by home-chefs at their homes.

2. Food cooked or passed down by moms and grandmoms:
Have you moved away from family for work and missing the food that your mom or grandmom cooked? While we can’t find you a job in your hometown, we surely can bring you ‘MAA KE HAATH KA KHANA’ to the city where you live now. 98% of Authenticook hosts are women who have been cooking lovingly for the past 20- 30-40 and sometimes even 50+ years. They love being appreciated for their cooking talents and feeding people. Our home-chefs prepare a meal, keeping you in mind!!

3. Empowering women and local communities:
Something we take immense PRIDE in!! Authenticook is a great platform for women homemakers to start their own micro-entrepreneurial ventures. And it’s not only an opportunity for them to generate some income but also helps them showcase their culinary skills and opens up social horizons (something, we young professionals take for granted sitting in our 100+ people-strong corporate jobs).

4. Celebrating India’s family system: One of the most heartening thing for us, as founders of Authenticook is seeing our home-chefs getting the support of their families. From sons and daughters pushing their moms (of all ages, mind you) to showcase their cooking superpowers to daughter-in-laws joining their momin-laws to create a fantastic jugalbandi, we have seen families coming together and continuing with the tradition most aptly summarized through the Sanskrit verse ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Authenticook is one of the perfect torchbearers to the ‘Incredible India’ campaign (we are still waiting for the Government of India to take notice). 

5. Leaving fiction to novels: Ignorance often goes hand-in-hand with Indian food. Eg. Gujarati food is sweet, Prawns Koliwada served at restaurants is Koli food, Maharashtrian cuisine constitutes Vada Pav, Misal Pav etc. At Authenticook, we take it as our mission to dispel these generalizations. As a certain wise man once said, “There is no darkness but ignorance”.

6. At Authenticook, #YouNeverEatAlone: Social dining is one of the coolest movement and philosophy in today’s world to bring people together. We use our meal experiences as a great way to enable people to ACCEPT AND RESPECT THE AMAZING DIVERSITY that exists amongst us. Imagine sitting with fellow foodies, people just like you, that you would never cross paths with. Engage with them on their best food experiences (if they are our repeat guests, pretty sure an Authenticook meal will feature in the list) or just about anything under the sun; except politics!! We hate politics.

7. Safe and trusted platform: We take safety and security seriously!! From a guest’s perspective, each and every host has been on-boarded by us on the back of a detailed verification process which includes tasting the food of the home-chef (we are still debating if it’s a perk or our greater calling), visiting their home and interacting with them extensively. From a host’s perspective, we never give out personal details including their address unless a booking is completed i.e. payment made by a guest through a banking channel transaction. Beyond this, our entire model is based on a robust rating and review system. As an extra filter, we also price the meals slightly higher, with repeat guests reaping the benefits through amazing loyalty programs like 15% discount after every 10 cumulative seats booked and 50% discount after every 50 cumulative seats booked on Authenticook. 

Still thinking ‘Too good to be true’? Well, there is only 1 way to find out!!

Join us for one of our home dining experiences and let us know if we are doing justice to promoting India’s culinary treasures cooked and preserved by the people who know them best i.e. our moms, grandmoms, sisters!! So, start discovering India through its food here!!

Best regards, Priyanka, Ameya and Aneesh
Co-founders | Authenticook
(Members of the secret fellowship of India’s culinary treasures)


Authenticook is an opportunity for travellers and locals alike, to experience a place one meal at a time through social dining experiences!

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