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Cook With A Local

Apr 05, 2018 | 5 Mins

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Kitchen Stories


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Enjoying a hearty home-cooked meal with one of our lovely chefs is a memorable experience. But if you're looking for something truly special, sign up for a cooking class. Our hosts willingly share family recipes and cooking secrets that will help you whip up delicious regional fare in your own homes. This way you leave your host's home after a great meal with a handful of recipes!


Parsi Bhonu with Mahrukh Mogrelia
Mahrukh was one of the earliest home chefs to sign up with Authenticook. The Mumbai resident has been welcoming guests to her ancestral home and preparing delicious Parsi meals for years now. She’s also been conducting cooking classes for those keen on learning a few dishes. A session with Mahrukh begins in the morning with a cup of chai and some yummy akuri, the famous Parsi scrambled eggs. After that it’s off to the market to pick up ingredients for the day’s class.

You can ask to learn something specific if you’d like (Patra ni Macchi or fish steamed in banana leaves is a popular request) or let Mahrukh teach you a few standard recipes. There’s Jardaloo Mutton Salli which is boneless mutton in an onion and tomato sauce with apricots and fried thin strips of potatoes and Dhansak, the Parsi favourite dal made of lentils, vegetables and meat and eaten with brown rice. If you visit Mahrukh during mango season, ask about the Keri Kanda Ma Gosht, a spicy mutton curry cooked in mango-onion gravy.

Preparing the meal is hard work but your reward is digging into the delicious dishes and leaving with a full belly by late afternoon.  Though Parsi food is meat-heavy, Mahrukh is more than happy to find vegetarian substitutes, such as swapping out chicken for paneer in her Kaju Chicken recipe. Just let her know your dietary restrictions in advance.

Follow Mahrukh’s page here to find out what she’s serving up next.



Rajasthani-Punjabi Delicacies with Seema Sethi
Seema Sethi’s home in Jaipur is fragrant with the aromas of traditional Rajasthani and Punjabi dishes and she is more than happy to share those recipes with hungry travellers. Given Rajasthan’s extreme weather, Seema’s menus are tailored to the season. Summer cooking classes begin with a glass of Thandai, a chilled drink made of milk, nuts and spices, while winter sessions start with Bajre Ki Raab, a Rajasthani specialty made of pearl millet flour cooked in yogurt.

You can choose to learn Rajasthani or Punjabi fare and request for vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals. Roll up your sleeves as you chop, knead, mix, grind and fry your way through a handful of dishes like crispy Pyaaz ki Kachoris, flavourful Rajasthani Kadhi, and Laal Maas and delectable Malai Malpuas. Punjabi iterations include creamy dal Bukhara, zafrani murgh and slurpy falooda rabri.

Don’t forget to ask Seema and her family for their sightseeing and shopping recommendations in Jaipur.

Follow Seema’s page here for updates on her next meals.



Mangalorean Fare with Prabha Kini

The mention of Mangalorean food gets most food-lovers salivating, and rightfully so. The region’s meat and seafood dishes are legendary and for those who can’t make it to Mangalore, one of the best places to dig into and learn about authentic Tulu Nadu cuisine is at Prabha Kini’s Mumbai home. She stays away from the standard dishes that might be tagged as “Mangalorean” and serves delicacies like Shark Hinga Udda or a hing-based shark curry, Chicken Ghee Roast and Prawns Talashilele, which is a spicy prawn curry seasoned with garlic.

During the cooking lesson, Prabha talks about the culinary influences of the Konkani Goud Saraswat Brahmin community and how ingredients from Kashmir to Kerala can be found in the cuisine. Her husband, son and daughter-in-law also play host during the meal, making for a memorable experience.

Follow Prabha’s page here for updates on her next meals.


Happy Cooking!


Kamakshi Ayyar

I am a freelance journalist based in Mumbai, India and a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Through a process of trial and error, my time at law school made me realise that journalism was probably a better fit for me.

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