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Celebrate Eid with Unique Konkani Muslim Flavours

May 31, 2019 | 6 Mins

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Taking you back to the ancient era, how did the Konkani Muslim community come into existence? Our home-chef Mumtaz, shares, “In earlier times, the traders from Saudi Arabia used to visit coastal regions of Maharashtra to earn their bread and butter. In due course, they migrated to Konkan and eventually, many of them got married to the local women and the Konkani Muslim community originated. As most of our spouses work in the Middle East, the Arab influence is evident with the use of similar techniques and all types of dry fruits including almonds, dates, and pistachio.”

Sukhi Kolbi - Prawns Masala. Prawns cooked with heavy spices, simmered on a low flame to impart an exotic aroma and finger licking flavour)

Being the inhabitants of a coastal region, coconut is considered a superfood and used in most of the food preparation in Konkani Muslim cuisine. They use coconut milk instead of water when cooking. Like other coastal communities, fish and rice are a staple diet of Konkani Muslims. An interesting ingredient used by the community is fennel seeds which they grind with turmeric and then use the powder to add aroma and flavour to dishes. Mumtaz adds, “During Ramzan, we make Akhni Gosht, the dry gravy of mutton which is originally known as Yakhni Gosht. Akhni Gosht is accompanied by Sandan, a steamed dish like idlis prepared from sugar, coconut, milk, and coarse rice. In villages, we have a tradition of offering Akhni Gosht and Sandan to the son-in-law and visitors during Ramzan. Chicken and mutton are prepared mostly during special occasions like Ramzan and weddings.”

(Home-chefs Mumtaz and Sameera cooking up a storm with the chefs at Neel - Tote on the Turf)

To shine light on the unique preparations of this community, we have curated a special pop up with our home-chefs Mumtaz and Sameera. They will be serving an array of traditional dishes learned from their grandmother, aunt, and mother. The experience will start with Kokum Sharbat which is a sweet and tangy chilled drink made with ‘amsul’ or kokum as it is called in western Maharashtra. The cousin sisters, Mumtaz and Sameera,have worked with the chefs of Neel - Tote on the Turf to curate an authentic Konkani Muslim feast this Eid.  

(Khatoni - Palate Cleanser - This one is to be sipped on through the meal, between courses. Residual water from boiling Black eyed peas is simmered with spices and kokum)

The 9-course menu is a feast for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, with the quintessential Konkani Musilm style Bangda Kelyacha paanat (Mackerel marinated in spices, wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in its own juices in an earthen pot on a low flame without using water) and Paneer version of it so the vegetarians don’t miss out on this awesome preparation.

(Dum cha Mhaura - Fish marinated in spices and slow cooked on 'Dum')

Other dishes include Akhni Gosht, Sukhi Kolbi (Prawns cooked with heavy spices), Bharleli Wangi (Stuffed brinjal seasoned with Konkani spices), Paneer Bojar (Paneer slices stuffed with chutney), Dum cha Mhaura (Fish marinated in spices and slow cooked on ‘dum’), Hirwya Masalyat Maas (Mutton cooked in green masala, this is the perfect accompaniment to the soloni and khichdi), Shenga Batata chi Bhajji (Drumsticks with potatoes in a thick gravy) and a lot more! Like every other Indian cuisine, Konkani Muslim cuisine also has a number of accompaniments such as dry red chilly chutney, soloni (traditional version of thick Sol Kadhi), Chawrachi Roti (Rotis made from rice flour, shaped by hand and baked on a tava without oil. A staple of the coastal Konkan region), pickles and more. Highlights of the meal, of course, include the desserts - China Grass (A pretty common dish at Konkani Muslim homes) and Pelve (A famous Konkani Muslim crepe dessert made with eggs, coconut and sugar).

(Shenga Batata chi Bhaji - Drumsticks cooked with potatoes in a thick gravy)

In short, the coastal flavours of Konkani Muslim cuisine will tickle your taste buds and at the same time, it is rich, gratifying, and full of flavours!

Join us to celebrate Ramzan by relishing an exclusive Konkani Muslim Ramzan Special Feast at Neel - Tote on the Turf, Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai.

This is a week lon pop-up, starting on June 3rd (Monday) to June 9th (Sunday) over Lunch and Dinner.

Check out the details on www. authenticook.com

P.S. Choose your preferred date and time slot from the dropdown! Or call us on 844 844 9122 for any assistance.

*This is an exclusive event with limited seating and you will need to book your seats beforehand!!

Ramzan Mubarak!!!


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