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Bhuri Bhoj with Home-chef Somma

Aug 15, 2019 | 4 Mins

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Meet our home-chefs


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Home-chef Somma
The first thing you will notice while dining at Somma’s home near Infinity Mall in Malad West is her pleasant smile. Cooking is a passion for her, having learnt all recipes from her mother and mother-in-law. She considers cooking therapeutic and loves experimenting with her heirloom recipes.

As a child, Somma would stand outside the kitchen and quietly observe her mother while cooking and as the years passed by she got more and more enamoured by the techniques she picked up. Reminiscing her childhood memories, Somma said, “I was happy trying out my hand at cooking special dishes for my father on his birthday, referring to the cookery books we had at home. Like numerous Bengali households, we had 4 large bookshelves made of teakwood which housed our prized collections of books from various genres. I still have a diary with inputs on how to make numerous recipes from my mother and mother-in-law.” Her mother’s never-ending enthusiasm for life is the biggest source of motivation for Somma.

Today, as an Authenticook home-chef, Somma invites people for an authentic Bengali meal which has been curated by her keeping in mind vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. On the menu she has quintessential Bengali dishes like:

For vegetarians: Alu Posto (potatoes cooked in khus khus paste) and Potol’r Dalna, Narkel O Kishmish Diye (pointed gourd cooked in raisins and coconut - trust us when we say that pointed gourd never tasted this good)

Traditional Bengali delicacy - Aloo Posto 
For non-vegetarians: Chingri Malaikari (prawns cooked in creamy coconut gravy) and Murgi’r Jhol (chicken cooked in green chillies)
Murgi'r JholMurgir' Jhol - A light chicken curry prepared in almost all Bengali households
But obviously this is not all that she will be serving!! The other dishes which will be common for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are Beguni, Alu’r Chop, Egg Devil, Bhaja Shona Moong Dal Motorshuti Diye (fried special moong cooked with peas) and much more.

When asked about her motive for hosting with Authenticook, Somma says “The reason behind hosting home-dining experiences is very simple – I am deeply passionate about Bengali cuisine and culture, and wanted to spread and share the secrets of my authentic cuisine with every foodie. I am most excited about sharing my kitchen stories and breaking the myths of Bengali cuisine being all about fish, puchkas, and rosogollas. Bengali cuisine uses all kinds of vegetables you can think of and one vegetable can be made at least in 10 different ways! So there go your 365 innovative meals for the year!!” 

Speaking about the cuisine itself, a Bengali meal follows a multi-course tradition where food is served course-wise in a specific format with few influences of Bangladeshi cuisine. 

So join home-chef Somma as she opens the door of her kitchen to give a sneak peek of mouth-watering Bengali dishes. We are sure this authentic Bengali home-dining experience is sure to make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Check out the menu and other details here. You can either book a meal on an already scheduled date or request a meal on a date of your choice. In case of any queries or if you want any suggestions for any of our other meals, do call us on +91 844 844 9122 or visit our website www.authenticook.com.


Authenticook is an opportunity for travellers and locals alike, to experience a place one meal at a time through social dining experiences!

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