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A home style experience at a restaurant!

Feb 15, 2018 | 8 Mins

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At Authenticook, we believe it’s not just about the food but also about the whole experience of interacting with a local family and knowing more about the dishes, the culture and the cuisine. It is our endeavour to bring the lesser known cuisines to light and give our home-chefs a chance to shine and fulfill their passion.

Then why are we partnering with a restaurant you may ask?

Well, we found a beautiful restaurant partner in Tvum. Our ideologies are, at the base level, the same - reviving the regional cuisines of India and preserving the traditional methods of preparing food. Tvum helps us provide a much larger platform to our home-chefs and equips them with the necessary skills and assistance required to cater to a large audience.

As you walk into Tvum, ‘WOW’’ is the first thought that crosses your mind. White walls, wooden furniture, a big square patch of freshly mown grass in the middle and a flight of stairs leading to another section called the ‘Chhath’, which has an open area on one side, roofed on the other and a bar section between the two. ‘Spacious and serene’ is the thought that would come to your mind, as the hostess takes you around. As you walk up the stairs, you will notice yet another open area (called ‘Bageecha’); next to it is the air-conditioned section. Wherever you may be seated, the meal will be an enjoyable experience.

(Bageecha section in Tvum)

So what has our journey been with these pop-ups at Tvum?

Just like we started the concept of in September 2015, we started this series of pop-ups with Tvum with a  Bohri Thaal. We had our Pune Bohri home-chef, Rizwana putting together a wonderful menu on 26th November 2017. The concept of enjoying a Bohri Thaal traditionally is lovely. Groups of people sit around one big thaal and enjoy each course (alternating between sweet and savoury) one at a time. You begin and end the meal with a pinch of salt which acts as a palate cleanser.

“At the outset hosting this meal at Tvum gave a different vibe to the whole thing. It was not a classic seating for a thaal but that made it very different yet homely ... I personally liked each of you from team took time to go over finesse that is bohri thal. It also helped Home Chefs to spend time with guests. About food, from start to finish it was perfect. Samosas, Kharak na Halwa, with various side condiments was a very good start.. Raan was exquisite - just the light aroma of masalas without becoming overpowering. Shermal was good and balanced with gravy. Only Biryani can have scope of some improvement - others were perfect. Everyone like the ice cream.” - Ashish K

(Home chef Rizwana's Bohri Thaal. You can check out for more of her meals here)

For the second edition, we did the  Parsi Lagan nu Bhonu i.e. a Parsi wedding feast which was put together on 17th December 2017 by home-chef Firdosh and included some of the most iconic Parsi dishes such as Papeta Par Edu, Salli Murgi, Saas ni Macchhi, all served on a banana leaf, with the Lagan nu Custard to end the meal on a sweet note.

 “Hats off to the team for bringing regional Indian cuisine, that do not see enough exposure in the run-of-the-mill restaurants, to foodies like us. Can't wait for my next chance to try the exotic flavours of another state or community of India. And Thanks for the cute coaster ;)” - Priyadarshini J Samagod

(Home chef Firdosh's Parsi Lagan Nu Bhonu. You can check out more of his meals here)

For our third edition, we put forth a brilliant seafood fare for all diners. The Goan Saraswat Meal with home-chef Soniya which took place on 21st January 2018. It was a grand affair with 130 diners seated at Tvum, a thaali for each individual, beautifully laid with true gems of the sea combined with the flavours of the Goan Saraswat cuisine and Goan rice. Unlimited Kings Beer was an added bonus for the event and each person greatly enjoyed the meal and went home with content hearts and tummies.

"Was this thali, this food, these dishes, the same as those served commercially at restaurants in Goa? Hell no, and thank God for that! This was authentic Goan Saraswat home cooking hence in no way can it be compared to food that is commercially served/sold in Goa, at Goan restaurants. This thali would, in every way, win hands down. The only place one may find such food in Goa would be at a home stay. This meal was Goan Saraswat cooking at its very BEST!" - Kainaz Bokdawalla

(Home chef Soniya's Goan Saraswat Meal. You can check out more of her meals here)

Check out the video below capturing the beautiful experience!


Ringing in the fourth edition on 25th February 2018, we brought to you Dine With The Kolis by home chef Rajini and her family, who came all the way from Versova Koliwada in Mumbai. Kolis are the fisherfolk community that have been living in the city since it was known as the seven islands of Bombay. The Koli preparation of seafood is something very different that you will not get at any restaurant. Diners got to enjoy dishes such as Squid Kheema, Roasted Ribbon Fish, Shark Fry, Surmai Fry, Clams Masala (and much more included in the menu for the Koli meal in Pune) with some chilled Kingfisher Draught Beer to compliment the meal.

"The food was really great, especially the tisrya (clams) masala and Bombil fry. Rajini Aaji, along with her team, came up to every table, welcomed us, familiarised us with the Koli life and cuisine, and made us feel at home (in the restaurant!)." -Apoorva Sanglikar

(Home chef Rajini and her family. You can enjoy their delicious Koli cuisine here )

You can also check out our Koli video here:


For our fifth edition happening on 25th March 2018, it is all about the historical culture and cuisine of Bihar. Transporting you back to the Golden Age of India, experience flavours originating from the Magadha Empire of south Bihar and savour a meal from the time of Guptas and Mauryas. Home chef Chandana regularly conducts in-home dining experiences with and has brought a  very unique side of the cuisine of Bihar under the radar. She comes from an aristocratic Bihari family, the Nandkeolyars, believed to be connoisseurs of good food - so expect nothing less than the most delicious spread of Bihar!

Join us in our fifth edition, The Original Taste of Bihar. Check out all the details here.


P.S. - This is an exclusive event with limited seating so book now before it’s too late!



Authenticook is an opportunity for travellers and locals alike, to experience a place one meal at a time through social dining experiences!

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