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Ever wondered how many cuisines India is home to? What its like to be a tourist in your own city and discover the flavours that are hidden in every nook and corner? Is there a way to satisfy those curious, tickling taste buds that want to eat the best local food but within the comforts of a home? Authenticook is the right place to visit if those are any of the things that one is looking for!

Authenticook is a platform for home chefs to hone their knife skills and showcase their culinary expertise providing a window to their customs, traditions and cuisine that would otherwise not be available to the outside world. The diners can easily book their seats online and join in the adventure of a unique culinary social experience. Authenticook endeavours to transcend all boundaries, providing the best local homemade food, hailing from different parts of the country, prepared with love and passion by local families. It is all about bringing people together over an awesome culinary experience.

Eat food with a local, like a local.

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